The Jones Lab wouldn’t exist without the great people who’ve worked in it over the years. The lab is currently home to two Ph.D. students, two postdocs, and three undergraduate researchers:

Andrew Anderson:


Drew is a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University studying the effects of sex-role reversal and sexual selection on genome evolution, with a particular focus on nuclear hormone receptor binding.

Bernadette Johnson:


Bernadette is a Ph.D. student at the University of Idaho, interested in using the African turquoise killifish, Nothobranchius furzeri, to understand sexual selection and the evolution of mating preferences. You can learn more about Bernadette from her personal webpage.

Karoline Fritzsche:


Karo is a postdoc in the Jones Lab. She is interested in sexual selection and the evolution of sex roles in animals. Her work has spanned multiple empirical systems, including sex-role-reversed honeylocust beetles, cichlid fishes, and nematodes. In the Jones Lab, she is using comparative genomics and experimental evolution to study sexual selection in pipefishes and African turquoise killifish. Her personal website is here.

Jonathan Henshaw:

KAO_6467 2

Jono is a postdoc in the Jones Lab. He’s an evolutionary theorist, and his work focuses mainly on sexual selection, the evolution of sex roles, and the measurement of selection. More information about Jono can be found on his website.

Corey Henrickson-Rose:

Corey is an undergraduate at UI, and he is interested in the evolution of color patterns in pipefishes and seahorses. He is using comparative genomics to investigate the evolution of genes that might be involved in syngnathid coloration.

Avrie Fox:

Avrie is an undergraduate researcher, and she is coadvised by Adam Jones and Ginger Carney. Avrie is interested in behavioral genetics.

Jennell Johnson:

Jennell is and undergraduate researcher examining how sperm function changes with age in the African Turquoise Killifish.