Course Assignments

The weekly homework and in-class assignments, as well as solutions will appear on this page.

Solutions: R scripts with solutions to the in-class exercises and homework assignments are available on my GitHub site: here.

Week 1: week1_in_class_exercise, homework_1, tips_and_tricks, r_course_day_2.

Week 2: week2_in_class, malenewtsampledata, femalenewtsampledata.

Week 3: week3_in_class_exercise.

Week 4: week04_in_class.

Week 5: week05_in_class.

Week 6: week06_in_class.

Exam 1: exam1; Data for exam: dros_growth_rate.

Week 7: Week07_in_class; Data: parasitedata2012.

Week 8: Week8_in_class, Data: Holman_data_for_exercise.

Week 9: Week09_in_class.

Week 10: Week10_in_class.

Week 11: Week11_in_class.

Week 12: Week12_in_class, Files: pipefish_pouch_counts, pipefish_coldata, ssc_2016_12_20_cds_nr_blast_results.

Final Exam: Experimental Design Final Exam, Data: Final_Data_Problem_1, Final_Data_Problem_2.