Lecture Slides

This page provides access to the lecture slides used in the course. The material in the slides is based on the textbooks for the course:

The Analysis of Biological Data by M. Whitlock and D. Schluter, and

Mixed Effects Models and Extensions in Ecology with R by A. Zuur, E. N. Ieno, N. Walker, A. A. Saveliev, and G. M. Smith.

Here is a link to the syllabus: experimental-design-syllabus-spring-2017.

Here are the weekly lecture slides (updated as the semester progresses):

Week 1: week01lecture

Week 2: week2lecture

Week 3: week03

Week 4: week04

Week 5: week05

Week 6: week06

Week 7: Week07

Week 8: Week08

Week 9: Week09

Week 10: Week10

Week 11: Week11

Week 12: Week12, JonesLab_RNAseq_pipeline

Week 13: Week13